Former Mayor Dan Rowe


At the Annual Council meeting on the 6th May this year, Cllr Daniel Rowe was appointed The Town Mayor of St Ives, and Miss Amy Sewell, Mayoress. Cllr Jonathan Pallant was appointed Deputy Mayor, and Mrs Carrie Pallant Deputy Mayoress.

The Mayor's term of office is twelve months, during which time the Mayor and Mayoress will have a very busy schedule. Its not all about appearing at Civic events, the role also involves raising awareness of local groups, helping to promote the Town, arranging fund raising events to support local Charities and organisations, as well as continuing to work for the Community in the capacity of Town Councillor.

If you would like to contact the Mayor, please email or call the Mayor's Secretary.

01480 388931

Message from the Mayor

Prior to being elected as Mayor, I thought I already had a reasonably good idea about the great work done in and around this town by the various groups, both voluntary and professional. Indeed, having had a hand in many of these groups myself, I might have been forgiven for thinking that I had seen most of what this town has to offer.
However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. These first months have opened my eyes to whole new sectors of the town and its achievements, both great and small, as well as reinforcing my admiration for those groups that I was already aware of. Below are a few of the highlights from them.

The first event that I was privileged to attend was an emotive one, both for myself and my Mayoress, Amy Sewell as it was an awareness exhibition that shed light on the trials and tribulations of those who suffer with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other similar conditions.

This is a condition that I am familiar with, both in my experiences of a former councillor who suffered from it, as well as Amy herself.

The exhibition itself was fascinating, but greater still was the appreciation of the work being done at Time for Health (the hosts) in order to help people who suffered from it.

With a mixture of yoga and exercise classes, specifically tailored to match the pace that attendees can achieve, it helps these individuals to grow in confidence and to spend time with other people who have shared their experiences and can give each other advise.

In a very different capacity, one event that I was particularly pleased by was the opening meeting held by the new ‘One St Ives’ group.

This group is made up of stakeholders from various different organisations, including the Town Council, the Town Team, SITI and a number of local businesses, aimed at improving the collaboration between them. There have been some fractious and divided approaches in the town in recent years, and this has been a real effort to help unite them for the benefit of all.

Part of my role as Mayor is also to help welcome new groups to the town. One such group was the Huntingdonshire Speakers Forum.
This group, which meets regularly in the town, is a part of Toastmasters International and helps to coach people to improve their public speaking ability. This is a magnificent resource to people of all ages within the town, whether they are practicing to develop their career prospects or simply trying to build up some self-confidence. It was a very warm, comforting and supportive space that I would recommend to anyone.

Not all of the events are based in St Ives, although they often have St Ivian interests.

In June, RAF Wyton played host the regiments from throughout the Royal Engineers for the Sappers Games. Our very own 42 regiment, who were granted the Freedom of the Town last year, were competing against their fellow regiments. 

To our great pride, they managed to win the overall tournament, as well as a number of the more prestigious contests, for which I convey our heartfelt congratulations.

I also want to give a special shout-out to the St Ives Rangers grass-roots football club, who have gone from strength to strength in recent years. I was delighted to attend their football tournament, to which thousands of children arrived from towns far and wide, and hand out a number of the medals (many of which went to St Ives teams!).

They also gave a very committed performance during the Carnival Parade, which rightly earned them their trophy at the end of it.

The upcoming months are also looking like they are going to be busy, and I am greatly looking forward seeing more of what this town has to offer and lending my support to those whom I can.

We also look forward to welcoming a delegation of visitors from our twin town of Stadtallendorf in October for the Michaelmas Fair.

It is a part of my mission this year to help improve our links and relationship between the two towns and this visit will hopefully go some way to help achieve that.

Particular highlights coming up include the Illuminated Boat Parade, the Jazz and Blues Festival and all of the Christmas activities, along with my own Mayor’s Charity Quiz Night in September.


Civic Sunday

One of the long-held traditions of the Town Council is the annual Civic Sunday Parade and service which this year will take place on Sunday 16 June. The parade will as usual be led by the RAF Wyton Area Voluntary Band along with Air, Army and Sea Cadets being joined by other St Ives youth groups. Starting at 11.00am from the Town Hall and processing along The Pavement, Crown Street and The Broadway the Councillors and invited guests continue into the Parish Church for a short church service at 11.30 before parading back to Market Hill at approximately 12.15 where the Town Mayor inspects the parade and thanks all of those who have participated.

 This year Civic Sunday took place on Sunday 16th June over a very wet weekend, but luckily the Rain held off long enough to complete the Parade.  

Carnival Day Visitors 

We have visitors from far and wide coming to this wonderful Town of St Ives, and Carnival Day was no exception..The Mayor and Deputy Mayor Cllr Jonathan Pallant welcomed a Zimbabwean Embassy delegation bright and early before events got underway. 


  The Mayor's Charity Quiz 

The Charity Quiz night has always been a popular, well supported fun event, helping to raise funds for the Mayor's chosen Charities, and this year was no exception. The event was held in The Corn Exchange on the 6th September, with The Mayor taking the stage as the Grand Quiz Master.

The Quiz night raised a total of  £601.80, so a huge thank you to all who took part, and for everyone who very kindly donated prizes for the Raffle including Morrisons for their amazing Fruit Basket. 

Illuminated Boat Parade 

The 7th September was the evening of the Illuminated Boat Parade organised by FESt. Boaters are encouraged to parade their decorated Boats in lights and fancy dress. This year it was a Disney theme, and the Mayor joined those taking part once the Disney contingent had climbed ashore.


 Twin Town Stadtallendorf visit

In November 1998, a Twinning Charter with the Town of Stadtallendorf in Germany was signed in St Ives. The following year, a second Charter was signed in Germany. Since then, there have been many cross Chanel exchanges between local organisations and Councils, and this relationship with our European friends is still going strong.

This year the Mayor and Mayoress of Stadtallendorf, Christian and Ilona Somogyi joined us for the Michaelmas Fair, along with a number of colleagues.  Stadtallendorf  Mayor and Mayoress are joined by two members of The Showman's Guild in the Town Hall after the opening of the Fair.

During their stay, our guests were joined by the Mayor and Mayoress of St Ives along with the Deputy Mayor and Mayoress and Councillors for a visit to Ely to experience the 'Annual Potato Race' . There then followed a visit to Oliver Cromwell's House and a fitness testing climb to the top of Ely Cathedral's Tower.



 Remembrance Sunday

The Town Hall is once again adorned with both red and purple Poppies in remembrance of both service personnel and the many animals who served with them. Grateful thanks must go to all the volunteer knitters from The Royal British Legion Women's section, UCA and the WI, from as far afield as Great Yarmouth. Collectively over 4000 Poppies were created, 2000 of those make up the Town Hall netting that took several months to assemble.  



The view from All Saints Church Bell Tower over the Remembrance Day Service at 11:00am on Sunday 10th November 2019. As in previous years, support from the people of St Ives is still as strong. 

 The Mayor would like to make a special mention at this point of Ed Kelly,    "who took part in his final Parade as President of the Royal British Legion this year, after many, many years serving the Town. The Service will not be the same without him, and I wish him all the best in his retirement."

Hill Rise Dog Walkies

The Mayor and Mayoress joined our Canine friends on the 23rd November for an hours walk and playtime, raising money to improve Hill Rise Dog Park. It is a free, fun event held once a month on a Saturday morning, with a chance for a welcome warm drink and a Cake afterwards. Former Mayor Cllr Tim Dry was also taken along for some exercise by his  trusty Setters.




Santa is Piped ashore.



RAF Wyton Voluntary BandThe Mace Bearer leads the Civic procession back to The Town Hall.

 St Ives Town Carnival 

The 13th July was Carnival day in St Ives, and The Mayor and Mayoress arrived in style thanks to Bentley Cambridge who contributed to the event in this way. 


 Michaelmas Fair 

There has been a regular fair held in St Ives since Henry I granted a charter to the Abbot of Ramsey in 1110 to hold one at Easter each year. The ancient fairs were very different and specialised in dealing in imported cloth brought by boat up the Great Ouse.
The Fair at Michaelmas dates from a charter granted in the 14th century.
Each year the Fair is officially opened by the Town Mayor who processes through the stalls led by his Macebearer and followed by fellow councillors in their ceremonial robes.

 This year we were joined in St Ives by the Mayoral party from Stadtallendorf, our twin Town in Germany. 

Accompanied by The Mayor of Stadtallendorf , the Town Clerk, Mace Bearer and representatives from The Showman's Guild, The Mayor of St Ives reads out the Town Charter at the Dodgems to officially open the Fair.  

The reading of the Charter is invariably followed by a mad scramble of youngsters keen to get their hands on the newly minted coins tossed to them by councillors. This is followed by another mad scramble, by Council members and children alike, to ensure getting a seat in the dodgems.

Although very unlike the Fairs of Henry I’s day, the Michaelmas Fair is an acknowledgement of our town’s ancient heritage and a pleasurable way of preserving our past.


The Mayor and Deputy Mayor test out the Rides despite the teeming rain. 


Business as usual.. 

During the course of the year, the Mayor has the opportunity to welcome new Businesses to the Town as well as being able to celebrate their successes. This year the Mayor was invited to officially open new premises for Ellis Winters and Star Dance wear as well as slipping in a quick trim during the opening of RIO Barbers and Beauty.


 Out of Town 

 Royal Society of Saint George Trafalgar Dinner. St Ives Mayor & Mayoress with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Peterborough.


 The Mayor and Mayoress console the losing team from RAF Alconbury at The   Mayor of Huntingdon's Charity fund raising Quiz.

 Cutting the Ribbon on Opening Night


 After a particularly wet November day, the Mayor Cuts the Ribbon for the grand opening of St Ives new Night Club. Whether he then Boogied the night away - we'll never know...

Santa arrives in St Ives

Pictures courtesy of  Alan Bennett, Media Imaging Solutions.


Santa arrives through the freezing Fog on November 28th adding a more traditional Wintry 'Christmas is coming' feel.

The Mayor and Mace Bearer were at the Quay to welcome him ashore, along with the patiently waiting crowd braving the elements.