Mayor Philip Pope

On 10th May 2023 the annual Mayor Making event was held at the St Ives Corn Exchange. Mayor Philip Pope was elected for his second consecutive term as the Town Mayor, and third term in total.

Councillor Craig Smith, who currently serves as a town councillor for the North Ward, was elected as the Deputy Mayor. Over 150 people were in attendance. 


The Mayor's Role

The Mayor's term of office is twelve months, during which time the Mayor will have a very busy schedule working with the local community.

It’s not all about appearing at Civic events, the role also involves raising awareness of local groups, helping to promote the Town, arranging fund raising events to support local Charities and organisations, as well as continuing to work for the Community in the capacity of Town Councillor.

If you would like to contact the Mayor, please email or call the Civic Officer.

01480 388929